An Alein's View of Life on Earth



If you think you live on a perfect planet, Welcome to Earth.

If you see trends that may dehumanize us, Read On.





Genetic Engineering

Family Life




Recognize anyone?

"The time has come", the walrus said,

"To speak of many things,

  Of work weeks and trading pacts,

  Of immigrants and rings."

Our society suffers from too much stress and too much work. 

The solution is not simple -- a convergence of forces stress us 

and give us meager control over how much we work. 

This site illuminates some of the force vectors contributing to our stress and overwork. By understanding these forces, just maybe, we can find a solution. Here we provide a forum to discuss and search for answers.

Abique Inc., the sponsor of this site does not propose or have a solution to the problems ruining our families, decaying our culture,

and denying us the human bliss modern technology should have



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